Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just 8 more days

Hello all!
I just can’t believe August is here and in just 8 tiny days I will anxiously sitting on an airplane awaiting my arrival to Ghana. I have been looking forward to representing Purdue Extension on this PICS project for months and now its here! I can say I have started packing and I worry about how little I have in there. I only have a few things left to gather, but it just doesn’t look enough to prepare me for the 2 week trip ahead. Admittedly, I can be a “just in case” packer, so packing light is a challenge. I have all my documentation ready and I keep checking it every so often, I guess just in case it walks off or something. (what a scary thought! ) And I just finished my last vaccine yesterday. Let me tell you – keeping a vaccine refrigerated while you are working at the Indiana State Fair was an interesting endeavor, but it was done!
The thing I am most looking forward to is meeting the people of Ghana and my team. I can’t wait to learn all about Ghana and its customs. It really is fascinating what I have read already. Two weeks hardly seems enough time to be able to arrive, educate, demonstrate, and leave in our wake a new technology that will positively change the way cowpeas are stored in West Central Africa is extraordinary. I am so blessed to have this cultural, professional, and personal experience – It’s hard to believe it’s my job!
Here at home in Vermillion County, I am blown away with the support, questions, and well wishes I have received so far. I have not met one person who didn’t want to know more and is awaiting my return to tell them all about it. In fact, I have three speaking commitments for when I return already booked.
Just 8 more days….then off to parts unknown!

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