Monday, August 23, 2010

Greetings from Tamale!

Hello from Tamale Ghana!
We have made the journey from Accra to the northern region and the city of Tamale. Today, George and I meet our teams and went over the PICS training. Everyone is real excited to begin training. George is now on his way to Bolgatanga, while I stayed here in Tamale. We had great discussion generated. I really feel that our Extension input was helpful in helping the other team members understand what we need to impress upon the Ghanaian agents. Its important for the Ghanaian agents to be able to facilitate learning in their villages and not just hand over the information.
I hope to blog more on the first day of training tomorrow.

On my cultural experience so far, so glad I do not have to drive here. Cars, motorcycles, bikes, goats, cows all share the road. My driver thinks its funny I worry about the animals - they roam free here. I told him I guess its just the animal scientist in me. We went to the produce market - it was very strange to have people all looking at me. They have alot of stands very close together with just one path for walking through them. Noticed my first cowpeas. Tomatoes (which are bumpy here), fruits, meat (just sitting out in the open!), beautiful cloth, grains, flour, yams (popular) are some of the most common things. Went to the craft market too and bought some gifts. Talked African art with a vendor - they enjoy a lot of human figures in abstract conditions and forms. Bright colors - orange, red, bright blues.
The weather here is warm and a bit muggy in the afternoons. However, its been cloudy and breezy and fairly comfortable.
Saw the new Tamale Football (soccer) stadium - very nice. Our driver got us a quick look inside too. They were having junior youth team tryouts. It was fun to watch all the young kids glued to the fence watching, cheering and having fun.
I going to try to go see the grain warehouse tomorrow. Somehow I think I might find that interesting. They grow some corn and rice here, along with their cowpeas. Its the rainy season right now, so I am seeing more rice than I expected.

That's all for now!
Amanda afia(which means Friday born)

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  1. This sounds so interesting! Love your description of the colors of the art! And think of you every day!