Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Again and Pictures!

Hello Everyone!
Now that we are home from Ghana and I have caught up on all my messages that greeted me upon my return to work, I wanted to share some pictures from the PICS trip. Please follow the link below:

Its interesting the changes in how I look at some things since my return. For example, watching ag producers here in Vermillion county harvest their crops, I realize how industrious agriculture really is. Its amazing.

I was able to talk about the PICS project the week of my return at our Vermillion County Annual Extension Meeting, many residents were so proud to see me and Purdue University reaching out in such a way through Extension. One comment was made "Extension never ceases to amaze me." I couldn't have put it better.

This experience and that comment will reside with me for a long time.
Thanks to all for following the blog!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PICS Training in pictures

PICS participants at Bolgatanga training

Community demonstration and facilitation session

Dr. Seini explains hermetic tecnology to participants

North Area Coordinator Mr. Clement reinforces need to adhere to PICS procedures to obtain maximum benefit.

Human Subjects Training for WV Staff

One of the new procedures introduced to our World Vision partners during our PICS training last week was Purdue Human Subjects protocols. The National Coordinator of the PICS partnership in Ghana, Dr. John Kumi, requested that I provide training to his staff--especially the inclusive aspects of IRB. He has also arranged a seminar at the Mampong Training College to discuss community engagement practices and workplace learning and capacity building. This is the general outline, but as most things go here--things could change, but I am ready.
See you soon,