Sunday, August 16, 2009

North to Katsina - by Adrienne

Greetings from Kano!
My team has completed the trainings here in Kano, and today we are headed north to Katsina to start our workshops there. We had 93 extension agents partcipate in the trainings here in Kano. I agree with Jim completely, that the role play exercises are the most fun. While I don't understand the hausa language, I can tell you they have the most fun playing the "difficult" chief. I have some video and pictures I hope to upload to the blog once we are home.
I am also very much enjoying my trip to Nigeria. I have a great team for the workshops and we have fun working together. Everyone has been very welcoming and they are all excited about the PICS technology, as insecticide treated cowpea have caused many deaths, blindness, deafness, etc here in Nigeria.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit in on part of the business meeting with Lela, the manufacturer of the PICS bags here in Nigeria. It was a very interesting meeting and there appears to be the potential of a large market for the bags here in Nigeria as well as the other western african countries.
I'm excited about the trip to Katsina. This will be my first trip outside of Kano, and I am looking forward to seeing another part of the country.

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  1. Adrienne, I forgot to warn you about the portion size thing. I remember being in Niger and they brought me well over a gallon bowl of rice and that was to be my serving (are they crazy LOL!) That's what you get with parasites and poor nutrition - big servings and skinny people. They were offended when I couldn't finish my serving. I've heard you are doing well and I'm glad you are enjoying your trip. Wishing you safe travels the rest of the week and praying for you too. Elisa