Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going Well

Greetings from Jos! It's pouring outside, as we are in the height of the rainy season here on the plateau.

Trainings are going well. In a nutshell, we use the Training Manual, which you can access on the PICS website, to train Extension Agents, as they are called here, who will then go out into their zones in the various states to educate villagers.

Jeremy is in the east, Bill and Maria are down south. Adrienne is up in Kano, and I am content in Jos after conducting trainings in Makurdi and Lafia. I'm not certain the number of kilometers we've covered, but on Sunday I was in the truck for 12 hours, and today for more than 5.

After Jos I go out towards Cameroon, stopping in Jalingo and Yola to carry out 2 more trainings.

My belly is filled with pounded yam and fish served in egusi stew--made from pounded melon seeds. I ate 6 hours ago, and yep...still full!

Nigerian sight: moonrise glistening off the Benue River as we crossed the bridge into Makurdi town. A pale yellow/white shining on a water ribbon of silver.



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