Monday, August 17, 2009

Lokoja Next by Maria

We are off to Lokoja tomorrow for our final training on thursday. What a trip so far!! We actually have already driven through there, but we were on our way to Ilorin for our training today.
The trainings have gone very well and are a lot of fun especially with the role play scenarios!! Many are laughing so hard, they are practically off their seats!! The people in each state have been very appreciative and friendly to us. It has definitely eased some of the worries that I did have when I arrived.

The scenery has changed with each location from a flat, green landscape to hills and small mountains to forest. It is so beautiful. My pictures can't hardly capture all that we have seen. The weather has been raining, but have also had several nice days. Nothing very hot and the insects are not near as bad as they are at home this time of year. Which has been nice. We have seen more goats than mosquitos.

I have to tell you all the roads are very interesting here, between the passing multiple cars on a narrow road to dodging potholes. I know that I would never be a good driver and I think any driver in Nigeria would make an excellent Nascar driver. Onu our team member and driver has done such as wonderful job and have full faith that he will get us to each location safely. I have held my breathe a time or two as we have had a car heading right at us from time to time.

I really look forward to the last training Kossai and Moui Moui have been my favorite food here so far. I can't wait to share stories and pictures when I get back.

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