Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time to pack!

It's crunch time now. I've made a list of all the items I think I'll need to purchase / pack for the trip, and I'm getting really excited. Soon, we'll be off to Nigeria!

We'll be landing in Kano in one week (Aug. 6th). After a few days of orientation and meeting our training partners / team members, we'll all venture out to the seperate training sites. I'll be traveling with two Nigerian teammates to the west-central states of Kaduna, Niger, Kwara and Kogi. The last site is about 300 miles south of Kano, so I will get to see a lot of the country as I go from one site to the next, and then we'll rendez-vous with the Purdue team members back at Kano before we head home on the 20th.

Our local newspaper, The Bluffton News-Banner, did a nice article about the trip already, and I have a slide presentation for Area XI staff scheduled in September. I looking forward to sharing my pictures and stories with everyone once we are back home.


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