Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7 days to go!- Maria Restrepo

I can't hardly write my mind has so many thoughts and excitement about this trip that is approaching so quickly. I know that I am truly grateful to have this opportunity with Purdue Extension. I have written two brief articles in my monthly newsletter about the upcoming trip and had my first pre trip interview with the paper this week. I already have a couple post trip speaking engagements. I look forward to them and excited to share my experience.
I have spent time gathering travel supplies, sewing skirts and reading up on the training manual. I plan to go in with an open mind and grasp as much as I am able with the culture and history on this trip.
I really look forward to entire opportunity that we will have in Nigeria and the experience will be nothing that I have ever had before.
So the next few days I will be making those lists, checking them several times and stuffing the suitcase with essentials!! Then I will be READY TO GO!!

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