Monday, June 22, 2009

A few thoughts from Bill Horan

I must say that I am VERY excited to be joining this PICS team and heading off to Nigeria in 44 days. We've already had our first set of vaccinations (4 or 5?) and we're due for a another day of pincushion-practice in July (second Hepatitus booster, and then the big Tetanus - OUCH!) So far the shots really haven't bothered me much.

To help me prepare for the trip, I've been busy trying to find as much info as I can about Nigeria: the history, culture, politics, and weather. Even though I spent time in Africa before, (Peace Corps - Tunisia - in the 1980's) the area south of the Sahara desert is a LOT different than North Africa. So I have a lot to learn in the coming month and a half.

Bill -

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